We.-Escape Team Coaching: professional team coaching with escape room and talent scan combined

Take your visit to the escape room to the next level with a talent scan and team analysis to figure out the optimal group dynamic.

Below, you can read about the three steps that take place during this team building session. Click on the steps for more information.

Prior to the We.-Escape Team Coaching, everyone completes the online test (Me.-Scan), which takes about 10 to 15 minutes. This scan clearly shows your talents, qualities and pitfalls in the form of a personal report. These individual results form the basis of the We.-Scan (group analysis).

The day starts in groups (max. 6 persons per group) with a visit to our escape room. The ideal activity that makes you literally work together. Are you teamed up in such a way that you can escape together in time? In the heat of the moment, the dynamic between the team members will become clear. Your attempt to escape is captured on camera to later support the team analysis.

After you exit the escape room as a team, we will go one step further. The images from the recording are used in combination with the results from the We.-Scan. Every team member will experience how he or she acts unconsciously and how that translates into the group dynamic. Who took up which role and why? How do you experience your own behaviour and that of your team members? Which reaction patterns do you recognize in each other? And what can you learn from this? This gives you the opportunity to immediately discuss your experience.

Your team’s attempt to escape from the escape room will be filmed throughout. Certain images are selected to make each person’s competences visible during the feedback. Afterwards, the participants will receive the recording. The organization will destroy the entire footage in accordance with the privacy legislation after the scan is done.

The We.-Scan is evaluated by a We.-team coach. The results of each individual Me.-Scan are juxtaposed so that it becomes clear which competencies you naturally deliver as a team, which ones are missing or still need to be developed and which are naturally delivered while they are not really suited to anyone. This scan shows how you function as a team, why someone is proverbially allergic to another team member, and how you can prevent this for an optimal group dynamic.

Results of the We.-Escape Team Coaching session

This session gives everyone insight into his or her talents, qualities and pitfalls and the way you function as a group. The We.-Escape Team Coaching allows team members to get to know each other better, which will increase mutual understanding and trust. Team members will learn how to better support and encourage each other, improving the performance of individual team members and the team as a whole.

We are happy to provide a complete session for your company or association. For more information or a personalized offer, please contact us.

Content of the We.-Escape Team Coaching package

Rates of the We.-Escape Team Coaching package

*All rates excluding 21% VAT and excluding meeting room rent
4 persons€274 / person
5 persons€226 / person
6 persons€194 / person
7 persons€172 / person

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