Frequently Asked Questions


I read "Oude Rechtbank" is bankrupt. Does it impact our booking?

Don’t worry. Next Level Escaperoom is a separate company with its own rental agreement, on a different floor. We are a healthy company and will just stay open!

Are large groups welcome (team building / family day / bachelor party)?

Of course! In 90 minutes, we can accommodate 8 players in the Suspicious Farmhouse room and 7 players in the Catch Me If You Can room, while another 15 players can enjoy a board game or dart game in our relaxation area (drinks available). That makes a total of 30!

How many people can play the game at the same time?

The Suspicious Farmhouse can accommodate 2-8 players, while Catch Me If You Can is suited for 3-7 players. Groups consisting of more than 15 people can easily split up; play against each other and make consecutive bookings. We have a relaxation area for 15 people as well.

Is it scary? Is there an age limit?

The escape rooms are not scary, they are exciting and fun! You will be locked up, but there’s an emergency key present, and you’re constantly being monitoring by our game master. You can exit the game at any time.

The minimum age is 14 years. Children of all ages are allowed under the supervision of their parents. In addition, children’s parties (10 years and older) are also possible! We adjust the difficulty of some puzzles so the level matches the children and they can take up the challenge independently! Parents are allowed to watch in the control room. If you’re interested, please contact us via email, and we’ll be happy to assist you further.

Can the escape room be played in several languages?

Our escape rooms can be played bilingually: in Dutch as well as in English.

How can I pay?

You just pay online immediately after booking. In special cases, for example, last-minute bookings made by phone, the payment can be made afterwards by card (PIN/credit card).

It is possible to pay by invoice to suit the company trips (please ask for the extra costs).

Is it possible to change or cancel a booking?

Rescheduling your booking can be done up to 48 hours in advance by telephone or e-mail. Cancellation is not possible.

If you come with more people (respect the maximum group size per room), you can pay the difference on the spot (bank card/credit card).
We cannot refund the difference if you come with fewer people.

How long in advance should you be present?

Please be present with your entire team at least 15 minutes in advance. You are of course welcome to come earlier. This will give you enough time to go through all the instructions and prepare for your escaping adventure! You can enjoy a drink and/or a snack in our brasserie in advance (or afterwards).

Is the escape room suited for everyone?

Yes, even pregnant women can join without a problem! Unfortunately, our escape rooms are not accessible to people in wheelchairs.

What do the General Terms and Conditions entail?

Click here for the General Terms and Conditions.

What other say



The decorations in this room are thrilling. The story is interesting as well. It looks easy but it turns out the be pretty hard to escape.

Suspicious Farmhouse


This room is Eindhovens best room for sure!

Peter van Grunsven
Suspicious Farmhouse


Emiel Zwiep
Catch Me If You Can